About Us

Hi! I’m so happy you’ve found us!

My name is Jennifer Sadoway, I am a Home Ec. teacher who is passionate about family, travel, and of course, Birthdays. I love going all out for my son and daughter. The way I see it, we have such a short time with our kiddos where their birthday parties are still magical events. Before we know it they’ll be “too old for that” and requesting parent-free hang-outs with their buds.

Each year, Emeri and Jett, challenge my creativity with their party requests. In 2020, my daughter requested a “Slumber Party” themed birthday and an accidental business was born. We started with 6 tents in Saskatoon and now we have over 30 tents in two cities. We don’t just offer awesome slumber parties for kids… we do adult and family parties too.

While the slumber tents are intended for indoor parties, we have added a Bell Tent to our party offerings so you can enjoy a seasonal outdoor glamping experience.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to share some slumber party magic with you!