About Us

Hi! I’m so happy you’ve found us!

My name is Jennifer Sadoway, I am a Home Ec. teacher who is passionate about family, travel, and of course, Birthdays. I love going all out for my son and daughter. The way I see it, we have such a short time with our kiddos where their birthday parties are still magical events. Before we know it they’ll be “too old for that” and requesting parent-free hang-outs with their buds.

Each year, Emeri and Jett, challenge my creativity with their party requests. This year my daughter requested a “Slumber Party” themed birthday. We’ve hosted a ton of sleep over’s the past couple years – both indoor and outdoor. I was scouring the internet for cool slumber party ideas when I came upon these slumber tents! I thought WOW! HOW FUN! My kids would love this! But unfortunately there was no one in the area who rented them out. So here I am- excited to make the tents and party fun happen not just for my daughter and her friends, but for your littles too!

I’ve decided to start with a few fun themes and we will see where this journey takes us! Follow along on our social and message me if you have suggestions/ requests- I am open to collaborations and new ideas!

Can’t wait to share some slumber party magic!